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Printing Costs and Allowance - Students

Use your print allowance effectively: find out how printing costs, how much your allowance is each term, and how to check your balance.

Cost of Printing

Black & White and Color Printers

  • $0.08 a page printed

On black & white printers, double-sided printing is the default. The cost is the same whether you simplex or duplex.

On color printers single-sided is the default. The cost is the same whether you simplex or duplex.

Your Papercut Balance 

All students enrolled in courses receive $45.00 at the start of each semester(Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Your remaining balance does NOT roll over from semester to semester.

Checking Your Papercut Balance

Log into the Papercut Account Summary page to see your current balance. Use your NCC email username and password.

How to Print after your Balance Reaches Zero

Continue to print as you normally do. Papercut will automatically pull funds from your flex dollars bucket to complete your print job. If you run out of flex dollars, you can manage the funds in your account using CBORD's GET platform at: