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One-Touch Button Setup on Canon MFD

  1. Log in through the touch-screen or card swipe.
  2. Press Scan and Send
  3. Select One Touch. The next screen will show any One Touch buttons you have.  If you have not created any, it will be blank.
  4. Select Register to create a new button. 
  5. Select a blank button( it will display a number instead of a name) and select Register/Edit
  6. Select Email to create a button associated with an email address.
  7. Enter the following information for the entries on the next screen:
    Name:  The name of the user
    One-Touch Name:  The name of the button
    Email Address:  The email address that you want to send to
  8. Press OK to continue
  9. You will be returned to your button list.  The name of the button will match what you entered and you can select the button to see it's information
  10. Select Close to continue. You will be returned to the One-Touch screen that shows all buttons that you have registered.
  11. Press a button to select it as a Scan and Send destination.
  12. Press OK to continue.
  13. You will be returned to the Scan and Send screen with the selected destination.
  14. Once you are finished, press the physical green "Start" button on the printer to begin the scan and send process.