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Residential Students

As part of on-campus housing accommodations, telephone service is ready for students upon move-in. No service to order, no waiting for installation, no appointments, no deposits. Each room has one analog line to share. Students will have to supply one analog phone per room.

Features of Residence Hall Analog Phone Service:

  • No monthly service charges
  • Free on-campus calls
  • Free local calling
  • 911 location identification (building and room number)
  • Private voicemail box
  • Voicemail that is emailed to your North Central account


How do I dial an off-campus number?

Simply dial 9, 1 and the the ten-digit number you would like to call.


How do I access my voicemail?

You can access your voicemail from any phone by dialing:

On Campus: x5995

Off Campus: (630) 637-5995

  • Dial your mailbox number and extension (example 1-1234)
  • Follow the prompts to retrieve your messages.

Bonus: A copy of the message is also sent to your North Central email account as a .wav file, so you can listen to your voicemail from any computer with access to your email account.


Do I share a voicemail box with my roommate(s)?

No.  Each occupant of the room is assigned a private voicemail box. Callers will be presented with the option to select your voicemail box.

Does NCC provide a phone in the room?

No.  Students are responsible for providing their own analog phone and phone cable. This phone may be a cordless phone, but the structure of the buildings on campus may produce very poor reception.


Do I really need a land line?

While 99% of students do come with a mobile phone, we still suggest you use your landline as a backup.  In the event of an emergency, a landline will be the most reliable method of communication.


What is my phone number?

Each residence hall room is assigned a direct dial phone number. Callers will not have to go through a switchboard. Students will be provided with their telephone numbers on move-in day.

Do residence hall room phones have long distance service?

Residence Hall rooms do not have long distance service.  You will need to use a calling card to place long distance calls.

Where is the phone jack in my room?

The location of the phone jack varies by room. Voice jacks are color coded red (see example picture below)