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Wireless Network Policy


Information Technology Services (ITS) provides full-featured, reliable wireless connectivity to the North Central College community in selected locations.  In a wireless environment, network reliability is a function both of the level of user congestion (traffic loads) and service availability (interference and coverage). In addition, unmanaged and unauthenticated wireless data network access poses significant campus network security, integrity, and reliability risks. Therefore, policies and procedures for wireless systems are essential to:

  • Safeguard security of campus network systems.
  • Ensure that a uniform level of connectivity and quality of service provided.
  • Prevent interference with other users of the wireless spectrum.


The Wireless Policy provides guidelines regarding wireless access points and the management by ITS of 802.11X and related wireless standards access.


Access Point --- A device that provides radio signal connectivity for wireless LAN clients and a wired connection bridging the wireless and wire line networks.

Policy and Procedures

ITS approaches the shared use of the wireless radio frequencies in the same way that it manages the shared use of the wired network. All provisions of the College policies regarding computing, including the “North Central College Statement of Acceptable Use of Information Technologies,” apply equally to both wired and wireless networking.

ITS will manage the radio frequency spectrums specified in IEEE 802.11X standard and other standards as developed. Access points will be provided and installed by ITS on campus.  No other departments may deploy wireless access points without coordination with ITS.  In residence halls, only NCC owned, installed and managed wireless access points are allowed

Other devices operating in the same radio frequency spectrums can cause interference with the wireless network. These devices include, but are not limited to, portable cordless (non-cell) telephones, cameras, keyboards, mice, and audio speakers. Where conflicts exist, ITS will investigate the circumstances and will work with the individual to determine whether the device may still be accommodated without causing interference.

ITS reserves the right to disconnect any unauthorized access point that it discovers on the North Central College Network.

Reviewed: 3/17/16