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Web Page Policy

The following outlines the College's web policy for any web materials residing on the college network.

The North Central College Home Page and the subsequent pages constitute an official publication of North Central College. The following outlines the College's web policy for any web materials residing on NCC's hardware or having the domain of "" associated with it.

North Central College encourages faculty, staff and students to contribute to the College's web presence by creating pages for their departments, offices, clubs, and themselves. The College recognizes that a collaborative effort by many talented people with different viewpoints will add richness and depth to the NCC Web site. However, we believe that guidelines and procedures that govern additions to the NCC web site are necessary to protect the College, its faculty, its staff, and its students.

Requirements for all Web Pages:

Any page residing on a College server or in the domain of "" must adhere to the following:

  • College servers or its domain name cannot be used for the publication of materials that are obscene, harassing, threatening or degrading in any way.
  • Pages maintained on an NCC server or in the domain "" must not contain direct links to sites which contain materials that:
    • Threaten, harass, intimidate or are obscene
    • Violate copyright, patent protections, license agreements and other intellectual property rights
    • Violate existing laws or the College's codes of conduct
  • Authors of web documents and those who store resources on NCC servers are solely responsible for the content.
  • Any pages on an NCC server or in the domain "" may not be used for the benefit of third parties or for profit-making activities.
  • The following disclaimer must be placed on all personal pages: "The content and opinions expressed on this page belong to the author of the page and are not endorsed by North Central College. The College accepts no responsibility for the contents of these pages."


Those found in violation of these guidelines and procedures will have their material removed from the NCC server and/or have their presence on the NCC network denied. Other actions may be taken in accordance with the rules and regulations covering violations of other College policies. In addition, if web pages violate local, state, national or international laws then civil or criminal action may be taken.

Reviewed: 5/6/16