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Laptop Security Policy

1.0 Purpose

Laptop computers provide important functionality, allowing North Central College faculty and staff to have their computing resource at hand in meetings/classes, and those who travel on College business to be maximally functional and productive while away. Unfortunately, laptops are easily stolen, lost or broken. These procedures address the actions that must be taken in order to minimize the risk of the theft of College owned laptops.

2.0 Scope

These procedures apply to all faculty and staff who use a College owned laptop. These individuals are hereinafter referred to as "caretakers." Each caretaker of a College-owned laptop is responsible for the security of that laptop, regardless of whether the laptop is used in the office, at one's place of residence, or in any other location such as a hotel, conference room, car or airport.

3.0 Procedures

3.1 Registering a Laptop

Every laptop must have a caretaker. Each department that has a laptop(s) must have a sign out sheet indicating who has the laptop, the make, and model and NCC inventory number. This information should be sent to ITS each time there is a change of the caretaker.

3.2 Laptops in Campus Offices

Laptops must be secured in a locked drawer when not in use, i.e. when you are not taking your laptop home or will be out of the office for awhile. There are many ways to secure a laptop, ITS can help you make a choice.

3.3 Laptops Out of Their Campus Offices

When a caretaker takes the laptop out of his/her office, s/he is expected to keep the laptop in hand or sight, or in a secure and locked location, at all times.

3.4 Reporting a Theft

If a College-owned laptop is stolen, its caretaker is expected to immediately file a theft report with ITS and with Campus Safety. If traveling, the caretaker must also report the theft to the local law enforcement agency. The department responsible for a laptop must pay for a replacement.

3.5 Keeping the Laptop Secure

The caretaker of a College-owned laptop must have it checked by ITS every six months (June and December) so that the latest patches, security holes and other software remain current.

3.6 Ending Employment at the College

A caretaker must return the laptop to the College before their ending date of employment. ITS will provide a list of laptops and caretakers to Human Resources. At the meeting with Human Resources the laptop, keys, and other items will be collected. Failure to turn in the laptop may result in withholding payments until the laptop is returned.

3.7 Disposal of Laptops

It is understood that after a laptop’s useful life, usually when it is fully depreciated, it may be declared as salvage and sold at a salvage value that is determined by Business Affairs.

Reviewed: 5/9/16