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NCC_Guest Wireless

Connecting to the NCC_Guest Wireless Network
The NCC_Guest wireless network provides Internet access to individuals visiting North Central College's campus.  Please follow the steps below to connect your device to the NCC_Guest network.

  1.  From the list of available wireless network on your device, select NCC_Guest
  2. Click the link under the login box "Or register for guest access"
  3. Fill out the required fields including first name, last name and email address
  4. Click "Register
  5. Registered guests will be presented with a username and password. Click "Sign On"
      * Guests will NOT have to type in these credentials during their initial wireless connection
      * Make note of these credentials to avoid having to re-register for guest access
      * These credentials can be used on two devices
      * Guest access credentials remain active for 24 hours

  6.  After reading the Acceptable Use Policy, click "Accept" to agree to the terms of usage.
  7. Guests will automatically be directed to North Central College's main website.