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Telephony FAQ

Does my residence hall room have phone service?

Yes, Every residence hall room is equipped with a phone line. Students will need to bring their own phone in order to use this line.

How do I make an off-campus phone call?

To make an off-campus phone call, you will need to dial 9 plus the eleven digit phone number. For local calls you can just follow this format but for long distance calls you will need to purchase a calling card.

Example: 9-1-234-567-8910


How do I access my voicemail?


You will first need to request a Voice mail be setup using following form on the ITS website:
Residential Voicemail Setup Request

Once the setup is complete, you can access your voicemail from any campus phone by dialing x5995. Follow the prompts to access your messages.

You can also use the mailbox button on your office phone. Just press the Mailbox button and follow the prompts.

A copy of your voicemail is also sent to your campus email account as a .wav file attachment, so you can listen to your voicemails right from your campus computer.  


Can I access my voicemail from off-campus?

You can access your NCC voicemail from a non-campus phone by dialing (630) 637-5995.  When prompted, dial your mailbox number to access your voicemail.

How do I change my voicemail password?

  1. Login to your voicemail box by pressing the Mailbox key and then the "Checkmark" keys on your phone, or dial  x5995
  2. Dial your extension followed by a # sign
  3. Dial your password followed by a # sign  (Your initial password is 111)
  4. Dial 9 for mailbox options
  5. Dial 3 to change your password and then follow the prompts
    Note: Your password must be at least 6 and no more than 23 digits long


How do I update my outgoing greeting?

Follow the steps below to record your alternate greeting. This greeting will be used for all callers when activated.

  1. Login to your voicemail box
  2. Press 8 for answering options
  3. Press 1 to record  your personal greeting (Press 3 to activate your alternate greeting, if it is not active)
  4. Select 1 to record Greeting 1. (You can record up to 9 greetings that can be assigned to a greeting type)

Greeting Types:

  •  1  =  Standard greeting - will play for all calls if no other greeting is recorded
  •  2  =  Busy Line - will play if you are on the phone with another call
  •  3  =  Internal - only internal extension will hear this greeting
  •  4  =  External - only outside callers will hear this greeting
  •  5  =  After Hours - will only play outside of defined business hours
  1. Follow the prompts to finish recording your greetings
  2. Press * follow by # to stop recording

How do I forward my phone to an outside number?

  1. Get dial tone on the line you want to forward
  2. Dial  # 91.
  3. Enter the extension where you want to forward your calls
  4. Press Select the check mark to Save the number?”
  5. Hang up
  6. The line key you forwarded will flicker

How do I activate/Deactivate Do Not Disturb?

- To activate Do Not Disturb, dial #5

- To deactivate Do Not Disturb,  dial ##5.



How do I transfer a call?

  1. Select “Start Transfer?”

  2. Dial the extension

  3. Hang up or announce the call & hang up