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What types of data can I store on Box?

Who is eligible for an NCC Box account?

All NCC faculty, staff and students are eligible for a Box account.

Are alumni eligible for an NCC Box account?

NCC alumni are NOT eligible for an NCC Box account. Only currently enrolled students receive Box accounts.

When are Box accounts removed?

Box account are removed after one term of non-enrollment with the College.

Box accounts are removed immediately up your end of employment with NCC


What happens to my data if I leave NCC?

You will need to transfer any content you wish to retain from your NCC Box account to a personal Box account or other storage location prior to your account's deletion date.  

Will my shared files still be accessible to others after I leave NCC?

After your NCC Box account has been terminated, files you have shared with others will no longer be accessible to them.

What is my storage limit on Box?

NCC Box accounts have unlimited storage space.

What is the Box file size limit?

The maximum size for any single file is 5 GB.  A single file larger than 5 GB can not be stored on Box.


Can I recover a file I accidentally deleted?

You can recover deleted files from Box for up to 30-days after the deletion date.

Recover deleted files from Box