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Network FAQ

How do I connect to the NCC Wired Network?

Each residence hall room is equipped with wired Ethernet connections and there is one active port for each resident of the room. Students must provide their own Ethernet cables (standard Ethernet cable with RJ-45 ends). To connect to the wired connection, you need to plug-in one end of an Ethernet cable into your laptop or computer and the other end into the port on the wall.

Do I have to register my port?

Students no longer need to register their ports to keep them active. Ports will be active the entire time you are registered that that room.

Do we have a bandwidth restriction?

Student devices are not subject to any bandwidth usages caps.

Does ITS monitor my network activity?

ITS does not monitor student network activity. However, if North Central College is informed of network activity resulting in copyright infringement as prohibited under DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act),  ITS will investigate the source of the activity. North Central College may contact the offending user, however NCC will not disclose personal information to any authority or complainant unless legally mandated.

Can I install a network hub/switch in my residence hall room?

Students should not install network hub/switch in the residence halls. Only NCC owned, installed and managed network equipment is allowed.

Why am I unable to view some websites?

Malicious websites will be blocked if they are on McAfee's list of  un-trustworthy websites. If you are trying to view a legitimate website and it it being blocked, please report the site's address to the ITS Help Desk.

Can I use a VPN connection from my room?

VPN connections will not work in the residence halls because the specific ports are not open on the NCC firewall.

Does ITS sell network cables?

ITS sells 14 ft network cables for $5 and 25 ft network cables for $10. We do not accept flex dollars,checks, credit card, or debit card. CASH ONLY!

Does my wireless connection replace my wired connection?

The NCC wireless network is designed to supplement the already existing wired network, not as its replacement.  Listed below are a few reasons you should not completely abandon your wired connection.

  • Speed - The wired network will always be faster than the wireless network.  With wireless, you are sharing bandwidth with the other wireless users in your area. Unlike wireless, your wired connection provides a single dedicated line to your computer, thus resulting in a faster connection
  • Reliability -   The wired network will almost always be more reliable than a wireless network. Unlike a wired connection,  a wireless signal is vulnerable to a variety of interference from your surrounding environment such as brick walls, microwave ovens, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and more