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Email Account

Information Technology Services provides email service to North Central College faculty, staff and students. An email account and mailbox are automatically created for you upon your affiliation with NCC.  Email is considered an official form of College communication and should be checked regularly.

  • Usernames are created using the following format:
    FirstInitial + MiddleInitial + Last Name
         Example: John M. Doe
    ​     Username: jmdoe
         ​Email Address:
    • If this username has already been used, additional numbers may be appended to the end to create a unique username.​​
  • Faculty/Staff email can be accessed from on or off campus using the Groupwise Webmail interface at:

  • Student Email can be accessed at:

  • Single message sizes (sent or received) are limited to the industry standard of 25 MB.
  • Email storage quote is 50 GB


  • For more questions regarding Email, please visit our Email FAQ.