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Transfer Content to Personal Box Account

You may need to transfer the contents of your NCC Box account to a personal account when you will no longer affiliated with North Central College. NCC Box student accounts are deactivated after one semester of non-enrollment. 
  • If the last semester you attended was Spring semester, your NCC Box account will be removed after the Fall semester of the next academic year concludes
  • If the last semester you attended was Fall semester, your NCC Box account will be removed after the Spring semester concludes


How do I create a personal Box account?

  1. Sign up for a personal Box account at
  2. Complete the form and follow the on-screen steps. Do NOT use an NCC email address
  3. Click continue
  4. Check the email address you used to sign up for your personal account, and click the link to the confirmation messages to activate your personal Box account.

How do I transfer my NCC Box content to personal Box account?

  1. If you are currently syncing any folders in your NCC Box account, removing the sync settings before proceeding.
  2. From your NCC Box account, add your personal Box account as a collaborator.
  3. Change your personal Box account's collaborator level to "Folder Owner" and click OK.
  4. From your personal Box account, remove your NCC Box account as a collaborator on the folder.


  • By transferring your folders using this method, you will maintain all existing collaborations. Any co-owners will be changed to editors when a folder is transferred.
  • If your NCC box accounts contains NCC data, please transfer that content to the appropriate faculty or staff member.


Limitations of Personal Box Accounts

  • Your NCC Box account came with unlimited storage, your personal Box account storage quotas will depend on the storage plan you purchase for your account. For more information about personal Box accounts, please see Box Plans & Pricing
  • The version history of files owned by personal Box accounts will not be accessible. The previous file history will not be transferred.
  • If a folder's collaborator permissions includes a co-owner, and the folder is transferred to a personal account, the co-owner will be automatically changed to an editor.  All other collaborators will maintain their current collaboration level
  • Custom shared links will no longer be valid -- shared links will need to be recreated under your new account.