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Follow-Me-Printing Instructions

There are four print queues available on campus.

  • BW-Follow-Me-HP
  • Color-Follow-Me-HP
  • Canon-Follow-Me-BW
  • Canon-Follow-Me-Color

Please follow the instructions on how to print to an HP or Canon Follow-Me printer from a campus computer.

  1.  Open the file that you would like to print.
  2.  Go to File, then Print.
  3.  Choose a Follow-Me print queue to send your job to. (If you choose the color queue you can only release your job at a color printer)
  4.  Click Print.
  5.  Swipe your NCC ID at the printer you would like to retrieve the print job.
  6.  If you are releasing your job at a cPad or Canon MFD, press the Print All button, or select a print job and press the Print Selected Job button. 
  7.  If you are releasing your job at a fast-release station, all jobs will be released after you swipe your NCC ID.