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Canon MFD Locations


Printer Name Printer Location Copier Model
C-2Hall-Color Carnegie - 2nd Floor Hallway iRC5240
FAC-036-Color Fine Arts Center - Room 36 iRC5235
G-013-Color Goldspohn - 1st Floor Workroom iRC5235
H116-Kitchen-BW H116 - 1st Floor iR400iF
H224-Kitchen-Color H224 - 1st Floor Camps/Conferences iRC250iF
H225-Kitchen-BW H225 - 2nd Floor iR400iF
H40-Kitchen-BW 40 E. Jefferson - Kitchen iR4551i
H48-103-Color Abe House - 1st Floor iRC5235
KH-107-Color Kiekhofer - Main Floor iRC5240
KH-215-BW Kiekhofer - Top Floor iR4225
LIB-OFF-BW Library - 1st Floor Office Suite iR4225
LIB-PER-BW Library - Periodicals iR4225
LIB-REF-Color Library - Reference Room iRC5255
MF-103-Color Merner 1st Floor - Main Office iRC5250
MF-2FLR-BW Merner 2nd Floor  iR4225
MS-102-BW Meiley Swallow - Room 102 iR4235
NH-047-Color Campus Safety/Residence Life iRC5235
OM-106-Color Old Main 1st Floor - Admissions iRC5240
OM-234-Color Old Main 2nd Floor - Admissions iRC250iF
OM-304-BW Old Main 3rd Floor - Registrar iR4225
OM-3HallS-Color Old Main 3rd Floor - Business Office iRC5240
OM-403-Color Old Main 4th Floor - Development iRC5250
OM-431-Color Old Main 4th Floor - Marketing iRC5235
OM-530-Color Old Main 5th Floor - Academic Affairs iRC5235
OM-5HallN-BW Old Main 5th Floor - Student Affairs iR4225
PH-006-Color Pfeiffer - 1st Floor Admin Assist Office iRC350iF
RALL-2Hall-Color Rall House - 1st Floor Kitchen iRC250iF
REC-4155F-Color ResRec - 4th Floor Athletics iRC350iF
SBE-126-BW School of Business - Room 126 iR4225
SBE-235-Color School of Business - 2nd Floor Workroom iRC5235
ST-CONF-Color Seybert - First Floor Conference Room iRC250iF
STAD-2EDU-Color Stadium 2nd Floor - Education Supply Room iRC5240
STAD-3Hall-BW Stadium - 3rd Floor Hallway iR4225
STAD-DWC-BW Stadium 2nd Floor - Dyson Wellness Center iR4225
STEM-BASEMENT-BW Wentz Science Center - Basement iR4225
STEM-130-Color Wentz Science Center - 1st Floor Workroom iRC5235
STEM-230-Color Wentz Science Center - 2nd Floor Workroom iRC5235
STEM-330-BW Wentz Science Center - 3rd Floor Workroom iR4225
STEM-3HALL-Color Wentz Science Center - 3rd Floor Hallway C5535i
WAC-Lobby-Color WAC 1st Floor - Front Desk iRC250iF
WONC-Color WONC - 1st Floor iRC250iF