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Ellucian Colleague unavailable January 28th - February 1.

For some months, ITS has been engaged in a complex project to migrate the College's Colleague system from its current underperforming HP-UX server to a high-performance virtualized Linux environment.
(As a reminder: Ellucian Colleague is the College's ERP/SIS system. It handles payroll, course scheduling and enrollment, grades, transcripts, accounts payable and receivable, and many other core College functions.)
This migration is being done to preserve reliability of the system into the future, as well as address performance concerns, but will require a significant amount of downtime to migrate the data, configure the new environment, and perform initial testing.
The required outage will start on the evening of Thursday, January 28th, and is scheduled to last until 8 am on Monday, February 1st.
During the outage, there will be no access to Colleague in any way: UI, Merlin, or Informer.
ITS will be working through the weekend to perform the migration work, and plan for the system to be back up and available for general use by 8 am on Monday morning.
While the outage window was carefully scheduled to minimize the impact to College processes, please note that there will be some changes to timecard submissions.
Since timecards would normally be due on Monday 2/1, Human Resources will implement "holiday" style timecard submission for that weekend. Timecards will now be due on January 28th. (HR will send an email with more details on the revised procedure next week.)
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unavoidable outage. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.