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Clone of Email Etiquette

Whether you are writing a business email or a personal email, there are proper rules of etiquette to consider before you send an email. Please consider the tips below on proper email etiquette.

  • Make sure your email includes a meaningful greeting and closing. Always end your emails with closings like Sincerely, Best regards, or Thank you while starting your emails with greetings like Hello or to Whom it may concern.
  • When writing an email, read it out loud to check spelling and ensure that it has the correct tone.
  • If emailing a request, be sure to include all details and information that is necessary
  • Use proper sentence structure and punctuation.
  • Create meaningful subjects to your emails
  • Do not type in all caps. This can be seen as shouting.
  • Do not send large attachments via email.  Most major email providers do not allow single messages that exceed 20 MB in size.  If you need to provide larger files to people outside of NCC, please contact ITS to request a Novell Filr account.