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Install Follow-Me Print Queues - Personal Devices

NCC has a network print management system that allows students to print from their personal computers to any public printer on campus. The print system can be used from Windows and Mac operating systems.  Please click on the link for your OS to view the installation instructions.

Installing a Follow-Me Queue on Windows

Please note, you must be connected to the NCC_Wireless or wired network to install these printers.

  1. To install the Canon Follow-Me queues, copy and paste the path into Windows Explorer (not a web browser) for the printer type you would like to install and then press the "Enter" key. 
    Color Canon Path: \\\Color-Follow-Me-Canon
    BW Canon Path: \\\BW-Follow-Me-Canon
    BW HP Path: \\\BW-Follow-Me-HP

    Color HP Path: \\\Color-Follow-Me-HP
  2. The NCC Windows print server will prompt for a login.
    * Enter your full
    NCC email address as  the “user name,”
    * Enter your current NCC password as the “password.”
    * Check the box to "Remember my password"
    *  Click  "

  3. The Follow-Me Queue will install and show a pop up like the image below (this step may take a few minutes).

  4. When this status bar disappears, the Follow-Me Queue is done installing.
  5. Repeat these steps to install another print queue.


Installing a Follow-Me Queue on a Mac

Remove iPrint and Old Follow-Me queues - Windows

Remove the iPrint Client

  1.  Go to the Control Panel - > Programs and Features
  2.   From the list of installed programs, click on MicroFocus iPrint Client
  3.   Click Uninstall/Change
  4.   Follow the on-screen prompts to remove the software.  
  5.   Click Finish when complete


Remove Old Print Queues

  1.  Click on the Start menu and then click on the Settings icon
  2.  From the Windows Settings screen, click Devices
  3.  Click on Printers and Scanners in the left column
  4.  In the Printers & Scanners section, click on the printer you wish to remove
     The printers that should be removed will be named:
     BW-Follow-Me-Canon on ipp:// 
    Color-Follow-Me-Canon on ipp://

  5.  Click Remove device