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Smart Board FAQ

Can I save my notes from Smart Board?

The SMART Notebook program allows you to create, edit, save, present and distribute information on the SMART Board in the form of Notebook files. The files will have .nbk extension. You also have the option to save your files as .jpg and HTML files. If you save your files at .nbk, you can only view them within Smart Board.

How do I save my notes as HTML pages to put on my website?

Select Save as HTML from the File menu.

  1. Specify a directory for the HTML files by clicking the Browse button and navigating to an appropriate directory location. The default directory is My Documents on the hard drive. To instantly publish them in your NCC web space, create a new directory on your W drive and save them there. Click Next.
  2. Specify a file name that will serve as the name of the main HTML file folder. This folder and an accompanying .html file will be created in the directory specified in step 2 to hold the HTML data. Click Next.
  3. Specify the page image resolution for the HTML files, then click Finish.
  4. To view the HTML file you've just created, go to the directory specified above in step 2, and open the .html file. Do not open the HTML folder; rather, click on the .html file associated with the folder. The HTML version of your Notebook file will contain both the Page Sorter and Normal view of the Notebook file, as well as Next Page and Previous Page buttons to navigate through the file.