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Drupal FAQs

How do I access tutorials for modifying College webpages?

The ITS Web Team has produced 10 videos to serve as a guide to using Drupal viewable at Listed below are the topics coved in the tutorials.

     1.  Drupal Login
     2.  Webpages by Editiorial Section and Webpages by You
     3.  Create Content
     4.  Tables
     5.  Edit Body
     6.  File Browser    
     7.  Insert Image into Webpage
     8.  Copy and Paste into a Webpage
     9.  Drupal Revisions   
    10. How to delete

You can view the tutorials in two ways: (1) by topic at http:/ or (2) as a playlist which plays everything from 1 to 10 listed above in order at http:/

If you have any questions, please email the Web Team at

What is my Drupal username and password?

Your Drupal username and password is the same as your NCC network username and password.