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Email Migration FAQ

What do I need to do to prepare for the migration?

ITS will distribute a paper pre-migration/post-migration checklist to your department prior to your migration date.  A downloadable copy of the checklist is available below.

Migration Checklist

How do I access my Office 365 email?

You can access your email from Outlook 365 Web App using any supported web browser by navigating to the following address:


Login using your full email address and your NCC password.

Will messages/contacts and calendar items from my GroupWise account be migrated to my NCC O365 account?

Yes, all mail, contacts and calendar items stored in your Groupwise account will be migrated to your NCC Office 365 account.

How do I access my O365 account from my mobile device?

You will have to reconfigure your mobile device to receive messages from your new NCC O365 account. You can configure your NCC O365 account on iOS, Android and Windows Phones using the phone's native mail client, or by installing the Microsoft Outlook mobile app (available in your phone's "Store").

Device specific instructions can be found at:


What will my new O365 email address be?

All email addresses will remain the same after the migration.

Example: <username>

What is my mailbox quota in O365?

The default mailbox quota will be 50 GB (about 100x larger than the default Groupwise mailbox).

Will permissions to my shared GroupWise items be retained through the migration?

GroupWise folder, calendar and address book permissions will not be brought over as part of the migration. If you share these items with other NCC users, please make a list of the shared folders and with whom they are shared prior to your migration date so that you can re-share these items after your migration Outlook is complete.

Will my GroupWise archives be migrated?

Only items in your GroupWise mailbox will be migrated. Items in your archives will not be moved to your Office 365 account.

Will my GroupWise mailbox rules be migrated to my NCC O365 account?

Any custom mailbox rules you have created in GroupWise will not be migrated to your O365 account. Please document these rules prior to your migration so that they can be recreated in Outlook after your migration is complete.

Will my GroupWise "Cabinet" folder be migrated to O365?

Yes.  All folders and mail currently stored in your GroupWise cabinet will be migrated to your NCC O365 account.