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Install Follow-Me Print Queues - Students

iPrint is a network print management system that allows students to print from their personal computers to any public printer on campus. iPrint is available for most Windows and Mac operating systems. The iPrint client is unavailable for Chrome OS but Web Printing is available. Please click on the link for your OS to view the installation instructions.

Installing an iPrint printer in Windows

  1. Go to the iPrint Portal
  2. Click "Login"

  3. Enter your NCC username and password

  4. After you have logged in, click the link to "Download iPrint Client"

  5.  When the download is complete, run the nipp.exe installer.
  6.  On the User Account Control screen, click Yes to allow the iPrint appt o make changes to your device.
  7. On the installation screens, click Next, Next and then Finish.
  8. In the Printers pane, click on the print queue you wish to install and then click the Install button

  9. Click the button to "Open Micro Focust iPrint Printer Installation Utility"

  10. Enter you current NCC username and password when prompted by iPrint

  11. Repeat steps 8-10 for each queue you wish to install.

Installing iPrint on MacOS 10.x