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Cable TV FAQ

What type of tuner does my TV need?

In order to receive the all the channels from WoW, your TV needs a QAM tuner. You can check if your TV has a QAM tuner by looking at the manual or by reading the information about your TV on the manufacturers website.


Why am I only receiving a limited number of channels?

Your TV may not have a QAM tuner, look at your TV's manual to see if you have a QAM tuner. If so, you may need to do a channel search to find all of the available channels. See your TV's manual for instructions on how to do a channel search.



Does ITS sell coax cables?

Unfortunately, ITS does not sell coax cables.

What if my TV is not equipped with a QAM tuner?

You will need to purchase a digital converter box that supports QAM .

Does NCC have an informational channel?

Yes, when you want to find out what is happening on campus, tune in to Channel 70 for North Central Happenings, which broadcasts information on daily North Central activities and other information for NCC students.