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Course-Related Shared Drive Space

Purpose: Shared drive space can be created on the North Central College Network K: drive for the use of a particular class.  It allows the professor and students to share files.

Professor Information 

Class Information: (Please fill in all the information)

If your course has more than one section and you wish the shared space to be combined, list all applicable sections.

Shared Drive Format: (choose one option)

Add a Collaboration Area (Allows all students to have write permissions in this section)

Deletion of Shared Drive Space: 

Shared drive space for an individual class cannot be maintained indefinitely. One week after the grades are due for a term, all K: drive spaces will be subject to deletion without notice. If you have a need for the space to remain longer than that time frame (for instance, for students receiving an incomplete who will need to continue to have access to the K: drive space to complete their coursework) ITS must be notified by sending email to the Help Desk.

Electronic signature stating you give permission for Student's work to remain on the K: drive.