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Red Condor Spam Filtering

North Central College uses Red Condor by Edgewave as our e-mail SPAM filtering solutions.  Red Condor provides email defense against internal and external threats such as SPAM, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, identity theft, and other dangerous content. Red Condor's web-based Personal Dashboard allows users to manage their own email security services such as viewing, delivering or deleting filtered messages, maintaining allow and block lists, and modifying digest delivery settings.

All faculty, staff and students receive Red Condor accounts along when their email accounts are created. Click the links below for instructions on how to manage your spam quarantine.

Login to your Personal Dashboard

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login to your personal dashboard using your full email address and your NCC email password. Click “Login

Viewing Quarantined Messages

  1. After you have logged in successfully, click on the Messages tab.
  2. Items that have been quarantined will appear in the message list in the upper pane. Click on an email to see a preview of the message in the lower pane.

Releasing a Message

You can release one or more messages from your quarantine to be delivered to your North Central College email account.  Only release messages that you were expecting from a known sender.

  1. Login to your Personal Dashboard
  2. From the Messages tab, select one or more messages to release.
  3. Click on the Release button.
  4. You will be presented with a Release Confirmation window. 
    Verify both options are unchecked and click OK.

  5. The message should appear in your NCC mailbox within a couple of minutes.

Deleting a Message

  1. From the Messages tab, select one or more messages to delete.
  2. Click on the Delete icon. These items will be permanently deleted from your quarantine.

Managing your Sender Lists

The filtering system has Friends (whitelist) and Enemies (blacklist) lists to filter senders by email address or domain name.
    Friends: Mail from these addresses will not be filtered or quarantined as spam.
    Enemies: All mail from these address will be quarantined and not delivered to your inbox.

  1. After logging in to your personal dashboard, click on the Policies tab

  2. On the Policies screen, click the arrow to expand the "Filter by Sender" section.

  3. In the Friends box, type the email address of a TRUSTED sender.  Click the green plus icon to add to the address to the Friends list.

  4. In the Enemies box, type the email address or domain name of the sender(s) you would like to BLOCK.  Click the green plus icon to add the address or domain to the Enemies 

Manage Quarantined Message Notifications

Notifications can be sent to a user's North Central College email account when new incoming messages have been quarantined by EdgeWave's RedCondor spam filter.  Notifications can be configured to be sent daily, weekly or never.  Follow the steps below to modify the RedCondor Digest delivery frequency and preferences.

  1. Login to your Personal Dashboard at:
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Select the desired Delivery Frequency option
  4. Your settings will be saved when you log out of RedCondor.